Brazil's Decentralised Financial Ecosystem

We are writing the perfect underdog story using the metaphor of the vira-lata.

The underdog of the Brazilian every person can be empowered through the decentralization of value.


A decentralised financial ecosystem will allow for fairer, more direct access to the resources available in the country through combating entrenched corruption.

Brazil is a resource rich developing nation bursting with potential suppressed by political corruption and bureaucracy. The cultural history of Brazil's economy has primed the layperson for cryptonative businesses & decentralised commerce. There is little trust in the incumbents within the financial sector and high barriers to entry for entrepreneurs through archaic systems of organization.

Brazil is perfectly poised to lead the maturity of commerce into web3 & blockchain enabled businesses, allowing direct transfer of value between individuals and organisations without the need for costly middlemen.

Web3 is an undeniable opportunity for SMEs and entrepreneurs to take advantage of the changing landscape of commerce through tokenisation.


Through the removal of barriers to entry and improvement of the user experience we can enable Brazil's SMEs and entrepreneurs to find the freedom to connect with their customers and suppliers directly, simplifying the business process and allowing for greater accountability to reduce corruption.

This in turn will allow for fairer, more direct access to resources for the layperson reducing their cost of living and improving their quality of life.

Viralata is committed to:

Building the infrastructure and tools required to bring Brazil's businesses into a modern, tokenised economy.

Due to the nature of modern business and technology the products and services provided by Viralata are in an infinite state of development. We do not see a completion date, and launches are small and incremental.

  • 🔄
    Viralata Swap

    A decentralised and autonomous exchange, where you can provide liquidity and swap tokens on the blockchain.

    Visit the platform app.viralata.finance
  • 🪑

    A decentralised fiat on/off ramp using established payment processors such as PIX.

    Waitlist banco.viralata.finance
  • 💰

    Our utility token to allow a common base for liquidity pools within ViralataSwap.

    Find out more docs.viralata.financ
  • 💰

    The deflationary meme token that was born with Viralata Finance, as a response to the R$200 note. 🚀🌚

    Find out more viralata.finance docs.viralata.finance
  • 🚀

    A platform to enable businesses to integrate with the ecosystem and the broader web3 universe.

    Soon! 🐶
  • 💸

    The mobile payment processing application, made to be human's best friend.

    Soon! 🐶
  • 🔗

    Soon! 🐶
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